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Heyyy Fashion Family,

Lets “chat and chew” briefly before I get into “brewing all this tea!”

First things first—If you desire to put together a show in order to “get rich,” let’s dismiss that right now! Your first show is to build your network, solidify your brand, build solid professional relationships, document your journey, and develop your target market. If you break even, that’s a good thing because to make money you have to spend money and spend smart! If you want this to be an annual event, trademark your name. You will thank me later when your brand becomes popular and successful and someone tries to steal it!!

Please don’t go in trying to get everything for free, because you get what you pay for—REMEMBER THAT!! Stay positive throughout the process because it will challenge your nerves; however, as long as you believe in your brand, believe that you can do this.

Now, I truly want to have this conversation with all of you so that you will understand the process of putting on a successful show. I come from a modeling and producing background with a special affinity towards models and producers, so I am actually speaking directly to you in some of these chapters, giving you some major tips that you would usually have to take my class to receive. Models: I care about you winning and understanding this industry as a whole, and it includes production! If you are aware of what is required to put together a successful event, you won’t be surprised by anything, and this means you stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready. Always be prepared! Producers: We should adopt the mentality of always being able to learn from one another. What we don’t know isn’t impossible to find out. Be willing to ask questions. Making this your business requires that you keep an open mind and be not afraid to take risks! My goal with this book is that it be a continued resource for you—a reference guide to help you keep track of your ideas and progress. Use it in conversation. This is what I do when I participate in or put on a production of my own.

The people who have collaborated with me in writing this book are professional entrepreneurs in the hair, beauty and fashion communities and they have worked with me for years and/or have been in my productions. They know my work ethic and they recognize my talent. These folks are EXPERTS in their fields! Now, that having been said . . . let’s do this!!

The first thing I want to say before we get started, and PLEASE take these words as “gospel” because they are the most profound words you need to remember:


Now, let’s make a quick checklist . . .


  • HOST
  • DJ

Not necessarily in that order. This is simply your personal to-do list! You will reorganize these as you read along!

Theme … Cause … Time

You are sitting in your office or around the kitchen table with friends and you are discussing your brand (you should have one . . . a brand, that is . . . if you are putting on any type of production) and you are brainstorming on how to get your name out there . . . so you come up with a FASHION SHOW. Now, say this to yourself: WHY, WHAT FOR, and WHEN? Always consider the time of day you want to hold your event, never too early or too late in the day! Examples: Prime times, Friday Late Night Themed Event, Saturday Night Outing Event, Sunday Brunch Show. Let’s break those down with some additional details.

A Friday Night Themed Event could be an All-White Party, Work-Week Wine Down, Friday Night Masquerade or a Fashion Fridays series with prizes for best dressed.

A Saturday Night Outing Event could be a Saturday Night Sex-in-the-City event, Saturday Day-Sexy-Singles event, or a Saturday Girl’s-Night-Out event.

Sunday is always a nice day to have a brunch event: Poolside Parlay, Sunday Fashion Fun Day event. Now, let’s discuss your WHY, WHAT FOR, and WHEN.


  • To build brand recognition
  • To bring people together
  • To bring about awareness of a specific cause
  • To be able to donate to a charity, etc.


  • Breast Cancer
  • Domestic Violence
  • Brand Launch
  • Charitable Organization
  • Specific Cause, etc.


  • What time of year
  • What time of day
  • What day of the week
  • How soon, etc.

Having a show should make sense to you. The members of your team are very important to the infrastructure of your brand. Everyone should be on the same page regarding the vision and the mission of the show.

When selecting the WHAT FOR, discuss this with your team . . . take suggestions and ask questions.   This allows your team members to feel involved and invested in the process. As this happens, you all share the responsibility to check the calendar for compatible dates and times that work for everyone. This way you are starting out solid. Now, understand that not everyone will always be pleased, and that you are still the BOSS of this project but at least most, if not all, will be considered in the initial planning. Finding a solid team is not easy. Folks always say they want to participate completely (invest time and self) until the real work has to be done. That’s when the egos show up. A good boss delegates duties while still accomplishing major tasks. Of course, there are times when team members feel like they are working harder than you even though they aren’t paying for anything or providing any necessary resources, their time is still of value and we must respect that. At the onset, let them know what the costs are for putting on this masterpiece, let them know that if they are not a brand partner then they aren’t required to shell out any cash (which means you are the bank and the check writer and this makes you the Boss. The Boss is always working, and if we all work together then at the end of this process this can be a true win-win for everyone! Helping the team to feel needed and an integral part of the process is the way to brand and keep them happy while building your brand.


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