Fashion Show Book by MsNickee Mack“This book is a wonderful guide for anyone wanting to put on their first show or event. Step by step is what I have been looking for. Thank you MsNickee, I am sure you have answered a lot of questions that no one else in the industry were willing to share.”

5 star rating on Amazon and Fashion Show Book

“Finally, someone has written a book about the key components for running a fabulous fashion show. And that person is MsNickee Mack! The author breaks down the various segments that all intertwine with a fashion show production. I have produced several fashion shows and found tips and resources that I did not know about in this book. This book is going to be a good reference book for my future fashion shows. My only regret is that this book was not written a few years ago. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is considering producing a fashion show or anyone that is in this industry currently and already producing fashion shows. Fashion Show Industry information is hard to come by and many times it is through trial and error. Save yourself some time and purchase this book!”
– B. Pardo-Jarvis

This book is written to be a continuous resource for industry professionals looking to put on Professional productions. Everyone needs a little help here and there and sometimes our network is limited. This guide will eliminate the pressures of “What do I do next” and allow you the freedom to have your own personal checklist that will help you from beginning to end.

It’s a comfortable read that can be shared with your team; it makes it easier to delegate duties with a complete understanding of its tasks. This book is “TRUTH” at maximum volume, holding you accountable for each step, sharing some of the do’s and don’ts and the ugly outcomes of missing steps.

When writing this book, I took a strong interest in speaking my mind on fairness; not from a personal perspective but from a business one. People love to do business with good business people. Your reputation is everything in the world of fashion. I like to think along the lines of “Make Your Next Move Your Best Move” and I apply that each time I am blessed with the opportunity to take it to the next level…because after all, in every expert lane there are “levels” to it!

This is a “guide” so go ahead make a checklist and check it twice, run it against the pages and do it right. Whether it’s your first production or 31st, go in and find a resource you didn’t know about in the appendix, get a new staging idea, understand how to approach hosting…whatever you need it’s here!

In fashion show production and in life make your 1st impression your best impression!